India is working its way to being the home that every startup dreams to be in! With this mission, we at Atal Incubation Center – Jyothy Institute of Technology Foundation (AIC-JITF) are working to enable startups and entrepreneurs to realize their potentials to form successful ventures. Our goal is to bring out the best startups in the region and help them build great businesses. We offer a plethora of support that enables the growth of Startups.

Situated in the state capital and the most preferred city in the country by startups, AIC – Jyothy Institute of Technology Foundation (AIC – JITF) is one of the best incubation centers in Bengaluru. Supported by the Atal Incubation Mission (AIM), and NITI Aayog from the Govt. of India, we are a fully equipped incubation system that fosters to the ever-growing requirements of startups.

At AIC – JITF we focus on building startups from scratch. We help with:


Idea identification and evaluation

Here, we work with young minds and help them identify their strengths, capability, skills and the ideas or problems that when solved can create a successful startup.

Market research

Once ideas or problems are identified, a solution for the same is found. Post that we work with the founders to assess the market to understand the startup’s viability.

Building a minimum viable product or prototype

Post identifying a good market for the product, we go on to build a minimum viable product or a prototype depending on the industry of the startup. Here we will have the basic business and marketing plan ready as well.

Proof of concept

Making use of the MVP, we help the startups to get a proof of concept that their startup will actually work in the market.

Launching the business

After the startup has a POC, then we take the next step of helping them register their business and if needed look for funding.

Making the startup sustainable

We incubate the startups for a good amount of time that gives them a head start to get early trustable clients and become sustainable in the ecosystem.

Growing the startup in different ways

Every startup is unique in its own ways. Some might need help with funding, some with expansion, and a few others with building teams. We support the startup in each of its requirements.