Services Offered

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We understand that entrepreneurship is the most difficult path one can opt-in life for a career. There would be many questions surrounding the ideas in your mind. To give you a clear picture of the entrepreneurial world we host a series of activities that include:

● Outreach programs to create Entrepreneurship awareness
● Organizing Boot camps, Hackathons
● Entrepreneurship Development Program (4-6 weeks)
● Technology Entrepreneurship Development Program
● Business & Soft Skills program
● Start-up Cafe – For aspiring Entrepreneurship
● Mentorship Programs
● Product Development life cycle program
● First level Business Planning / Business Modelling
● Founding Team formation
● Intellectual property safeguarding
● Seed Funding

To be a part of one of our upcoming pre-incubation programs
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Once you decide to take on the wondrous journey of entrepreneurship, we ensure that the journey is a smooth one for you! We help you build your MVP and Prototypes. Further, we enable you to get proof of concept for your business. In the incubation program, you would be able to get your first office space at our center too! With the help of the ongoing mentoring from experts, you will also be able to easily tap the market and get the first few clients for your startup! After looking at your progress, we help you up the notch a level by exploring investment opportunities for your startup! Click here to apply for an incubation today!


Full scale Business Planning

Funding Pitch

Graduation and Scale up operations

Large scale commercialization